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From going through so many different types of pain, Chandra shares her experience how she turned her pain into power and purpose. She learned that pain is inevitable but you don't have to allow it to define you or stifle you but fuel you to move to the place in life God wants you to be. When you get on the other side of the pain you will realize God was working it all together for your good and there was a greater purpose for it. At some point in life we all go through some type of pain. The death of a loved one, a shift in a relationship, a betrayal to only name a few. It will either paralyze you or push you. In this book you will find the inner ability with the help of God to find the hidden jewels in your pain allowing it to turn your pain into power and purpose.  You have already gone through it so there is no need to let it go to waste. Why not make it count.

In My Pain I found Power and Purpose

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