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Chandra Jones-Williams is a take-charge business-woman that understands Purpose! Chandra also known as The Non-Negotiator is indeed chosen by God to fulfill His Purpose to show the world when you are non-negotiable your obstacles will “Bow Down” With her Eloquent Style and Transparancy and a light that shines bright she is committed to moving others to the very place God wants them to go by making a Non-Negotiable Decision and move to the place God created them to be.  


At a early age her mother presented her with a plaque of what the meaning of her name Chandra meant “Reflector of Light” Psalms 18:28. Throughout her life the meaning didn’t come forth with significance as it has for such a time as now. Making many mistakes and failures in life it allowed her to see and know clearly what God called her to do. When she thinks of a light she understands a light is meant to shine. Her Light is Significant!


Through ChandraSpeaks she uses her voice to speak through conferences, books and businesses of many things and subjects that God has shown her matters and will make a huge impact in the world. She clearly understands her light will Shine! Shine! 


“A Candle loses nothing by Lighting another Candle”

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