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Do you know “Why” you are here on this earth? Did you realize your life is a gift that’s meant to give to the world. Are you looking for a way to get closer to your purpose, joy, happiness and success. Are you ready to eliminate the feelings of being stuck. Do you feel like a failure because you are not where you want to be? Maybe you just don’t have the energy or the drive to push through to get to your next. Maybe your already moving in the direction but want to go deeper than where you are. Today is the day it all changes for you! Today is the day you decide to embrace where you are, own it and keep turning the pages. Welcome to the Best day if the rest day of your life! This is the day you will make a decision to Embrace where you are in your life! In Chapter 50, I reveal how I am finally walking in my Purpose in life, something most people struggle with their entire life, the “Why”to being on this earth. Finding my Purpose was a journey but I showed up everyday with God even when the answers weren’t clear.  I took the time to put the work in with God, and from there He opened my path of purpose.  In this book I will reveal the importance of how you spend your time, the importance of your health to pursue your purpose. Throughout the chapters of my life I made many failures but was able to find the fortunes in them that gave me the insight and power to push through to succeed. My life is purposed to impact so reading this book will charge you to take action, embrace the chapter you are in your life. Continuing daily to move forward toward the calling God placed on your life. It’s time to turn the page to Become all God created you to be. The world is waiting to receive your gift!



Chapter 50

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