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Have you ever been hurt? Rejected, abandoned, violated, taken for granted, been used, abused, just to name a few.  We all at some point in our lives we’ve all gone through one of these acts. The problem is coming back after gone through these things. The thing is you never know how bad it affects you until you have experienced it.Your desire is to be free of past offenses, but the bitterness that you carry and the hard feeling just wont seem to go away. Forgiving even the worst offense that has happened to you is not impossible with God. When you take the time with God and allow Him to work through you, Freedom will be released  because you learned how to forgive from the heart. 21 Days to Forgiveness was written to inspire you to go deep within and recognize and realize the strong feelings you are carrying are blocking you from true freedom. Once you acknowledge the hurt and pain and what you are expecting from the person that caused the disruption in your life you will be able to break it down and through conscious effort allow God to take control of your thoughts and show you where to put them and how to navigate through your feelings. 



21 Days To Forgiveness

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